Contests & Events
Take part in OW Official Contests or Events! Who knows, you might win something.
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Community News
News and updates relating to Otaku Forums.
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Feedback and Support
Direct your feedback including questions, suggestions and issues relating to OW.
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Rules & OW User Tutorials
Here you will find our communities rules and guidelines, how to use the forums tools and features, and user tutorials Eg: What does this button do?
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Introduce Yourself
If you are a new member, check in here! Let us know a bit about yourself, and get to know other members. Returning members, feel free to introduce yourself again.
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Anime Discussion
For discussing all aspects of anime! Characters, plot, relationships, events, general anime topics and specific anime titles can go here.
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Discussion for Manga – Japanese graphic novels and comics.
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Request anime recommendations here, ask for help identifying a title, or post an anime you recommend based on similar anime
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Cosplay & Conventions
This section is for all things related to Cosplay & Conventions. If you have a question on cosplay, or just want to talk about your favorite convention here is your place.
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Chit Chat
This forum is for all topics that do not already have their own section.
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Posts related to pop culture, and movies go here. Eg: What's your favorite Marvel movie?
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Topics related to gaming take place here.
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Forum Games & Memes
Play forum games, share picture/meme topics and discuss other random topics here!
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The Arts~ Discussion
Discussions about art in our world take place here. Culinary Arts, Visual Arts, Favorite artist or art style? Start a discussion here!
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OW Art Exhibit
A showcase for all the wonderful drawings, and graphics our members have made.
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Role Players Realm
Explore your creativity here by creating and participating in role play. Create fantasy worlds, or join in a fandom based role play.
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A showcase for all the wonderful stories our members have written. Its also a good place to get feedback on your work.
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Here you can post a tutorial on how to do pretty well anything related to art, writing, or whatever you like. As long as it is creative in some way it is welcome.
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